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Wart(s) Treatment in Houston TX.


Warts are also called plantar warts, and are viral growths found mostly on the feet. It is the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes them, and as this virus is everywhere, millions of people suffer from warts every year.

They are benign tumors that spontaneously occur; however at times, they may appear in areas of trauma like cuts on the foot that create openings for the virus to manifest itself. If left untreated, they can spread; however if you are lucky, it may spontaneously disappear as well.

These viral infections appear either as a solitary lesion or as a group, wherein they are referred to as mosaic warts. Based on its location, they can be painful. However they are usually more painful when squeezed than when pressure is directly applied to them. Warts tend to readily bleed when they are scraped. This is because it has its own blood supply.

Treatment options

If you have one or two lesions which don’t hurt, it needn’t be treated but just watched to see if they will spontaneously disappear. However if you find them spreading, it is better to treat them as the more they are, the more difficult it is to eradicate them.

Warts found on a bony prominence like the ball of the foot should not be surgically removed as its resulting scar will be as painful as the original wart. Instead it is better to use a wart medication.

Medication for application

The wart medications you find in the market are not strong enough for treating plantar warts as they lay beneath the skin. However your podiatrist will prescribe stronger medications that will be effective in wart removal.

This treatment is painless, and has no limitations on its activity. However you have to wait a long time to eventually get rid of the wart. If you have lots of warts on your foot, this medication will not be enough to treat them.

In such cases, cimetidine like Tagamet is a better and more effective option. Its dosage is 300-400 mg twice a day that has to be taken for eight weeks. It helps in improving one’s immune system and can be given to children in smaller doses.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is also useful in wart removal. While the laser destroys the wart by cauterizing the wound, it heals faster than traditional wart excision.

As warts recur very quickly, you have to simultaneously treat warts on any other part of your body. If this is not done, you will not be able to control the problem on your feet. Moreover recurring warts should be biopsied to ensure it is nothing dangerous, especially in older individuals as a wart is considered to be a ‘disease of adolescence’.

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