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Fungal toenail treatment and cure in Houston TX.

The condition where toenails get disfigured and destroyed because of toenail fungus is called onychomycosis. Of the toenails, the big and little toes are most likely to be affected by toenail fungus.

Fungal toenails is caused by the many fungi that grow in the moisture of your shoes. With its growth, the fungus invades and feeds on the protein or keratin that constitutes the toenail’s hard surface.

While children seldom suffer from toenail fungus, its incidence increases with age. In fact, most people suffer from at least one toenail fungus infection during their lifespan.

Toenail fungus arises from tight-fitting shoes, layers of nail polish and spreads from person to person in public areas like showers and locker rooms. People with chronic conditions like diabetes or HIV with impaired circulation are also at a risk of developing toenail fungus.

Symptoms of toenail fungus

Yellow or brown discoloration of thick and overgrown nails is the main symptom of toenail fungus. There may also be some foul smelling debris found under the nail wherein the nail eventually falls off or becomes so thick that you find it difficult to wear shoes.

It is better to seek medical treatment if the fungal infection becomes too uncomfortable for you. The doctor will take a sample of the toenail and examine it for fungi or any other infection using a microscope.


Most people don’t seek treatment for toenail fungus as it is not a painful condition. However people suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes should consult their doctor if they see changes in their nails as it indicates serious problems. Moreover, if the nails become thick and make it difficult to wear shoes and walk, a doctor’s consultation is required.

It the fungal infection is a mild and localized one, the doctor may prescribe a medicated nail polish with Loceryl or Loprox and trim and file the nail. However if the infection seems to persist and spread, the doctor will prescribe an oral and systematic anti-fungal medication.

You will have to wait 3 months for results. Both these drugs have side effects, and are thus not suited for some people. In case of persistent fungal infections, the doctor may suggest permanent removal of the nail.


Instead of working at curing toenail fungus, its better to prevent it with the following tips.

1. Wear comfortable and well fitting shoes with clean hosiery.

2. Make sure your shoes are always dry.

3. Wear sandals or flip-flops in locker rooms and community showers and after washing feet, dry them thoroughly using good foot powder.

4. Toenails should always be trim, and avoid applying multiple layers of nail polish.

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