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Foot Ulcer Treatment in Houston

Any pressure ulcer develops when some pressure like body weight and the impact of foot against the ground cuts off the skin’s blood supply. The big toe, ball of the foot and the heel are at greatest risk of an ulcer. It is necessary to treat ulcers immediately as they can lead to infections that enter your body and bloodstream wherein your life or limb is at risk.


The friction or force of the ground to the bottom of your foot causes skin thickening which in turn leads to a callus. If this friction continues, the callus starts pressing into the foot to kill tissue and give pain. People suffering from neuropathy are at maximum risk as they have limited feeling in the feet may not notice any pain that develops.

With the death of healthy skin, an ulcer develops that quickly progresses from hot spots to infected wounds. So if you find any red hot spots on your foot, it is a warning to take care of your foot lest it starts blistering. Untreated blisters can lead to open wounds, corns or calluses.


It is better to prevent ulcers instead of suffering from them. This is best done by taking care of the bottom of your feet by checking them everyday with perhaps a mirror. This way you will be able to locate small changes in the skin before they turn into ulcers.

Look for any foreign bodies in the sole and inside of your shoes before putting them on. Wear only shoes and socks that don’t rub and immediately consult your doctor if you find hot spots, swelling, red streaks, cracks or sores on your feet.

Aim at improving your overall health with the right diet and exercise to build body resistance to any bacterial infections. Health problems that may affect your feet like diabetes and kidney disease should be controlled. Smoking should be stopped as it only reduces blood flow and slows the healing process. Even limitation of alcohol intake proves helpful in preventing ulcers.

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