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Flat Foot Treatment in Houston

Flat Foot

The arch provides support to your foot. It is when this arch has no strength that you develop a flat foot where your foot flattens. This may lead to strains at both the front and back ends of your foot. Having flat feet is not a major health problem; however sometimes flat feet can lead to ankle, knee and low back pain, heel spurs and plantar fascitis.

Types of flat foot

There are basically three types of flat feet:

    Flexible flat feet where the foot is supple and its heel cord or Achilles tendon is not tight. These feet look flat when the person stands on the whole foot but develops an arch when the person goes off the foot or when they stand on their toes. If it is possible to bend the ankle to more than 15 degrees from its leg perpendicular, it is a flexible flat foot. These flat feet don’t require any treatment; it is the other two types of flat feet that do.

    Rigid flat feet where the foot is flat in all positions no matter if it is loaded, unloaded or if you stand on your toes.

    Flat feet having a tight heel cord wherein the foot cannot bend back more than 15 degrees because of contraction of calf muscles.

Less then a third of flat feet people suffer from these two types of flat feet where you find symptoms like pain, calluses, redness and difficulty in doing work.


Flat feet may arise because of various reasons. However most people are born with flat feet while others acquire it because of arthritis, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition to this, excessive and repeated pounding of the foot on hard surfaces weaken the arch, and may lead to a flat foot. Sometimes, old people develop flat feet because of decreased exercise and an increase in weight.


The best treatment option for flat feet is wearing a good, supportive shoe like Nike, New Balance and Avia. In addition to this, using an additional arch support proves to be beneficial too. There are various over the counter products from Dr. Scholls and Spenco that can be used in treating flat feet. To help reduce pain, you will find some relief from massages. While shoe inserts may provide some relief, the best way to control flat feet is by wearing custom molded orthotics which are made to fit your feet.

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