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Foot Cysts Treatment in Houston


Ganglion foot cysts are pockets of tissue filled with thick gel-like liquid. They usually develop on the top of the foot and resemble a tumor. However unlike tumors, they are not cancerous, and are usually the result of some foot strain or injury. They either grow slowly with the passage of time or in some cases, may develop suddenly.


The most common cause for a ganglion foot cyst is a foot injury like falling and landing on the foot from an extended height or even by just stumbling and landing in an awkward position.

Constant and repeated movement over a length of time like excessive standing and walking can also lead to the formation of a cyst. Arthritis also may cause an excessive build up of fluids in between joints. Over time, these fluids finally form a foot cyst.


There are no fixed symptoms for cysts as they tend to vary amongst individuals. They are usually circular in shape, have a firm texture and are slightly pliable on pressing. It is only when they are pressed down on foot nerves wherein the foot becomes tender and numb that cysts tend to develop.


Cysts are diagnosed by doctors with a physical examination of its appearance. They will lightly push it using fingers to ensure it contains fluid and not a hardened mass, which can indicate a different, more dangerous condition. If required, the doctor may use a needle to draw a sample of its fluid for examination to make sure it is thick gel and not blood or pus.

In rare cases, the cyst does not poke through the skin and remains internal. In such cases, the doctor makes a diagnosis only after x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging.


There is no special treatment requirement to treat a ganglion cyst. However if you have pain, the doctor may remove the fluid in it using a syringe. It is also possible to remove cysts if you suffer from recurring attacks through a process called ganglionectomy. However this doe not offer a permanent cure.


There are no prevention tips for those suffering from ganglion cysts because of accidents or arthritis. However if they occur because of repeated foot movements, it is possible to prevent them from returning by wearing supportive and proper fitting shoes. Shoes that don’t fit right may lead to frequent movement of feet inside them and lead to cyst formation.

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