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Athlete's Foot Fungal Treatment in Houston TX.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection caused by the genus Trichophyton. It is also referred to as ringworm of the foot or tinea pedis. Athlete’s feet tends to cause scaling, flaking and itching of its affected area and is easily transmitted in places where people walk barefoot like showers and bathhouses.

The fungus generally attacks the feet; however it can also always spread to other parts of the body, including the groin if not treated well and on time. People suffering from athlete’s foot know how embarrassing its foul smell can be. In addition to this, athlete’s feet is rather difficult to contain, but spreads easily.

There are various pharmaceutical products available to treat athlete’s foot. However most of them provide immediate cure, but does not prevent a future outbreak. A better option to use for treating athlete’s foot is some home remedy that both heals and prevents future outbreaks.

Effective home remedies

Plain yoghurt helps minimize the symptoms of athlete’s foot on application to the infected area. This is because of the microorganisms found in it. Yoghurt is also safe to use anytime for immediate relief from itching and burning associated with any form of fungal infection.

Garlic is a great fungi eliminator that can eradicate the fungus of athlete’s feet. Just apply about three drops of garlic oil on the affected region. Garlic oil is well absorbed by the body, and thus penetrates and treats the roots of the fungus.

If garlic oil or capsule is not available, just use raw, crushed garlic. Even eating about four cloves of garlic a day helps treat athlete’s foot. Doing this for four months helps ensure you don’t suffer from any fungal infection for some time.

To fight a fungal or any other infection, you have to improve your body immunity which is possible by taking vitamin C supplements. 250 mg of Vitamin C is best for the first 7 days, and can be increased to 500 mg later on.

Avoid eating refined sugar and foods full with it. This is because fungus loves sugar, so the more sugary treats you eat, the more your fungus will enjoy it. In fact, excessive consumption of sugary treats can lead to a spreading of the microbes to uninfected regions of your body, and other people’s feet. Moreover, there is also a chance of your consequently suffering from nail fungus too.

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