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Arch Pain Treatment in Houston TX.

Arch pain is also called plantar fasciitis and occurs with an inflammation of the plantar arch or fascia. It is the thick membrane that covers and supports all the muscles of the sole of the foot from the heel bone to the base of the toes that is called plantar arch.

It is when this membrane wears out because of constant strain that you find pain developing in the arch of the foot. in addition to this, there may also be some pain in the heel as well.


There are various possible causes for pain in the arch like:

Obesity and some types of arthritis.

Physical training problems like rapid increase in mileage while running and running on steep hills.

An abnormal anatomy and positioning of the foot.

Signs and symptom

People suffering from pain in the arch usually complain of burning on the foot sole, which is worse in the morning and after some physical activity. There may also be some tenderness when pressure is applied to the sole of the foot or heel. In addition to this, patients tend to complain of more pain when they stand on tiptoe.


It is based on the symptoms that doctors make a diagnosis. If required, x-rays will be taken to confirm the presence of a spur or abnormal growth on the heel.


It is possible to prevent arch pain by wearing well-fitting shoes while performing any physical activity. Doctors usually suggest people with pain in the arch to walk and run with their toes turned inwards. This helps distribute their body weight to the outer side of the foot and not only on the big toe area.

Long term effects and risks

People with arch pain suffer from regular flare-ups of pain. However there is no risk to others as this is not a contagious condition.


For relief from the pain in the arch, the doctor will advise rest, application of ice packs on the region and take non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications. It is also necessary to always wear shoes that fit properly.

Sometimes, the doctor may advise insertion of padded heel cups and other similar devices in the shoe. In some cases, physical therapy and stretching exercises tend to help the condition.

Even injection of corticosteroids to the region helps in providing relief from pain and inflammation. No matter what treatment is suggested to you, it is important that physical activity is reduced until there is some improvement in symptoms.

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